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At Blue Manufacturing Company, we are proud to be an important part of the glass industry. To learn a little more about the benefits of glass, please read below.

Glass is Pure. Glass has a Premium Image. Glass is 100% recyclable. Glass is Sustainable.

Glass Packaging is Healthy
When it comes to glass packaging and health, glass is the gold standard. While much is yet to be understood about the effects of other packaging materials on human health, glass has proven to be safe and healthy for consumers and the environment for more than 3000 years. No other packaging material can match this track record. In fact, glass is the only packaging material “generally recognized as safe” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Because glass is chemically inert, it is the consumer’s perfect protection for food and beverages. Glass presents the true flavor of the product, preserves its purity and quality, and increases shelf life.

Consumers Prefer Glass
A 2006 Newton Marketing & Research survey found that 82% of consumers prefer glass packaging for maintaining the integrity or healthiness of foods and beverages.

Glass is endlessly recyclable and many consumers realize this. A glass jar can go from recycling bin to store shelves in as little as 30 days. Glass is true “cradle-to-cradle” packaging-meaning it can be recycled infinitely and to be re-made into bottles, jars or containers that are equally pure as original. The recycled product is so pure that it can again touch food or beverages

Key Values of Glass

For consumers, glass takes the lead in packaging that:

Presents the true flavor of the product.
Preserves the purity of the product inside.
Preserves the quality of the product inside.
Increases the shelf life of a product.

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